Pollen isolations

Mostly being used for wind pollinating plants like sugar beats, spinach or grass where the pollen are very small.

Ridge tents with window

Tents with window & sleeve

Ridge tents with window

Rope fixation

Over pressure cabins

Roof hung isolations

Sugar beet isolations window

Mud flap and fixation

Indoor Isolations

Grass Isolations

Grass tube isolations

Inspection sleeve, window

Inspection sleeve window

Wind shelting sails

Rye isolation in field

Duo material rice isolation

Isolation with mud flap

Colour marked isolation

Spinach Isolations

Tube isolations

Single plant tube isolatons

Grass isolations under roof

Overpressure isolation

Wind protecting sails

Single plant isolations

Different field isolations

Ventilated isolations

Minitents sugar beets

Sugar beet isolation over pressure

Over pressure cabin and frames

Over pressure cabin and frame

Sugar beet isolation over pressure

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